From Students

“Because of Dr. Reed teaching us to really understand what we are reading has made me a very conscious person about my life and the decisions and choices I now make for my life. Knowledge is power and to really understand that power and how to channel that power to a movement to help others is awesome. I have joined her movement Humanities Behind Bars.”   – Eric

“Since becoming a student of Dr. Reed’s and a participant in Dr. Reed’s organization, my mind has opened tremendously…Understanding my readings has helped me to broaden my mind as well as my understanding of self, living in America.”   – Troy

“I never had a teacher like Dr. Reed who is very energetic, serious, and profound about her work… She brings life to a dead situation, giving hope in all that she does… She is very gifted with the ability to dissect and breakdown any literature.”   – Phillip

“She brings the best out of us and gives us hope in our lives to turn it around.”   – Derek

“Dr. Reed presented as a positive role model and leader to her students as she often gave noteworthy speeches involving information about mass incarceration, injustice in the criminal justice system, and injustice to African Americans, as well as all human beings who are treated unfairly. Dr. Reed offered insightful and inspiring feedback that made others feel validated, and motivated for change. Dr. Reed assisted with creating an air of comradery.”  – André

“Dr. Reed is a phenomenal philanthropist… It’s crazy how someone can contain so much knowledge and understanding on various levels.”  – Kevon

“This class was very inspiring to me in various ways it helped me to articulate my feelings in poetic form and convey some of my intricate ideas.” – Jason

“I really enjoyed this music arts class because it allowed me to be able to express myself through music and to come together with other people on the same accord. Kole, you were a great inspiration to me and you helped me to channel more positive energy through my music […] I really appreciate Humanities Behind Bars for helping us awakening our minds to want to do better and wanting to help our communities. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of such a great movement!” – Dom

I like the way [students] can make music to express themselves without any problems and to have something to look forward to on the outside. – Alfred

From Community Members

“I am a volunteer in the Humanities Behind Bars program. I have wanted to volunteer for many years in the criminal justice system, but it was Dr. Reed who made this accessible. She has put together a wonderful program that allows students and community members to teach in the jail. This is exactly the type of partnership that allows for relevant servant leadership and community service geared to tackling some of society’s most intractable problems. I have witnessed Dr. Reed as the facilitator of group discussions, an instructor in the jail, and organizer of the project. She has proved to be committed, tireless, empowering, and persistent. I expect continued great things from Dr. Reed. She is a trailblazer and has found a path that has the capacity to place ODU as an innovative leader in the field of criminal justice.”   – Susan Feit, Social Justice Strategist