HBB continues to stand in solidarity with Black lives. For the immediate future, all donations to Humanities Behind Bars and the Tidewater Solidarity Center will go towards the 757 Solidarity Bail Fund established in coalition with organizers in the 757! #BlackLivesMatter

Support Humanities Behind Bars!

Humanities Behind Bars is dedicated to building inside/outside alliances and re-entry networks of care. We are so grateful to all of our supporters who volunteer as teachers and tutors at Norfolk City Jail, attend events, and push our message out into the community. Solidarity, not charity! Please donate by clicking the link above!

Support Our Community-Based Legal Defense and Bond Fund!

Humanities Behind Bars, in collaboration with Seven Cities Industrial Workers of the World, has been hard at work building the Tidewater Solidarity Center, a coalition of organizations, communities, and individuals committed to radical solidarity with incarcerated workers and activists. Our primary project is to build inside/outside alliances and to strengthen our coalitional commitments by reducing the amount of people held in unjust cages. We support currently incarcerated people with access to funds that reduce the harm of state power (e.g. surveillance, detainment, and incarceration) through practical means such as pre-trial bonds/bail and legal representation. We also collectively create means of safety and support for people impacted by the prison industrial complex.

We are an affinity group comprised of organizations, communities, and individuals mobilizing for solidarity with incarcerated workers and activists. If you or your organization is interested in joining our network, just let us know!

Please consider sharing and contributing to our legal defense & aid fundraising efforts with the Tidewater Solidarity Center! We would be incredibly grateful for any donation, whether large or small. With our collective resources, we will fight against the criminalization of poverty through cash bail. Our funds also combat institutional racism in every aspect of the legal system from racialized surveillance and arrest rates to draconian sentencing intensified by neoliberal carceral policy such as the War on Drugs and three-strikes laws.